Incunabulum (Book I)


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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more powerful than the risk it took to blossom.” -Anais Nin

Incunabulum is the divinely-inspired debut album of Virago; the first documented, fully conscious channeling experience of cosmic forces and the birthing of the Artist, translated sonically and melodically into her very first singing and songwriting journey into unknown realms.

An involuntary invocation, Incunabulum is both personal and post-apocalyptic, romantic and eerie, possesed by a raw innocence combined with an old-Soul soothsaying. Incunabulum, by Virago, an analog girl in a digital world, a literary thesis statement answered in bold sonic essay, an angelically attuned cosmic coherence of precognitive passion and courageous self-expression, set amongst an extraterrestrial backdrop of paranormal normalcy and magical mystery!

Incunabulum; A story of Love. Yes, above all things love! Searingly and spontaneously attuned to an otherworldly voice of the highest order, Incunabulum is a cosmic calling to come forth with a first Order of Creation; a bonified haunting, a direct command from the divine, a white light of comforting relief, an angelically assisted release of too-long held down emotive expression.

Incunabulum; A deus ex machina, an artistic anthem acting as a precognitive time-stamp to mark the origin story, a benchmark of the beatific vision, framing the cosmic context for the future evolution of the voice and artist of Virago over the time-space continuum.

Incunabulum; the first recorded growth-ring cycle of an ancient tree of creative life. A record of god acting directly as the one supreme creative force. Incunabulum; the story of a young warrior woman bearing witness to the divine. A messenger, an intercesor, a vessel, called to her vocation by the pathway of interstellar illumination…

Autobiographical, metaphysical, and mystical, an entire passionate life encapsulated within a musical documentary of thirteen compositions, Incunabulum was divinely written over a cathartically chaotic period of two weeks during the holy month of November 2010 A.D. leading up to Thanksgiving. In order to retain the immortal presence of the sacramental Event and forever capture the cosmic Call of the Wild on tape, it was recorded in indie lofi, immediately after its inception over another two week self-imposed deadline, within the very same bedroom where all the songs were written, where all the tears were shed, where lucidly vivid dreams were put to lyrics as effortlessly as holy inspirations and exhalations, the very same bedroom where angelic visitations and extraterrestrial lights descended upon her, where invisible levitations lifted her, where comforting chord progressions soothed her, where inter-dimensional melodies flowed from her and where spirit presences surrounded her…

Incunabulum, crying out in its inherent infancy, called for an immediate and esoteric documentation. For the True Perfection lay in the courageous act of putting it out in the open. The True Perfection lay in the victory of the catharsis, memorialized in its immediacy, not in the defeat of a veiled procrastination, an old paradigm of self-denial, camoflauged as perfectionism.

For the True Perfection lay in the imperfections, where the risk to remain silent was more than the risk of the resurrection of her life-long dormant vocal chords, the uncomfortably vulnerable melodies, the Voice cracking, fingers on guitar scratching for the Light. Armed with a quivering voice and a battle-weary war cry, her strained desperation coupled with cathartic release, a fledgling warrior-poet broke out of her shell, a screaming Eagle in the making, singing to the stars as she had never once before, never once allowed herself to sing before…

Passion and courage, for failure was not an option, in that cosmic cocoon, a complete dissolving followed by a complete, winged re-emerging of Faustian inspiration and Shakespearean proportion…

Incunabulum; drawing influence from the deeply personal and raw emotionality of Joni Mitchell’s Blue, the fierce theatricality of Bjork, the lower end range of Victoria LeGrand’s gregorian resonance, and profoundly imprinted with the grand societal scope of Radioheads OK Computer and the philosophical cinematic mastery of Richard Linklater’s Waking Life. And so blessed with these branch elements, Virago formed her own unique conjuring, deeply and firmly rooted in the indisputable originality of her own karmically ancient and royal Amazon lineage.

And so it was There, in that universal cauldron, where Virago discovered herself for the first time, and emerged, victorious, awakened and embodied in her True Self, at the ripe old-Soul age of 25 Earth-years. Born again, a Stanley Kubrick- style starchild witness reformed, reframed, reedmeed, realized in sacred song…

And so Incunabulum is, quite literally, the literal and metaphysical birthing of the Artist, Virago. Truly, madly, deeply. One Love, One Heartbeat Eternal. In stark contrast to other popular artistic approaches, Virago is not in any way a representation of an “alter-ego”, a separation of art and artist. Rather, Virago represents the truest, highest self, uninhibited and unchained, unprogrammed and unleashed, a conscious incarnation and integration of the whole, the original being, before and after The Fall. Virago is The True-Self, empowered, embodied, eternal, existing in equisite authenticity, exactly as Mother Nature intended.

Incunabulum: A story of Love. Yes, above all things, Love.

Virago: a being of Love. Yes, above all things, Love.

For the complete direct testimony, sonic love-letters, time-travel writing and and cited sacred sources, please refer to the lyrical transcript for the full dissertation in divine intervention.

Love Always, Virago.


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