Nourish the Art

“Music is a moral law, it gives soul to the universe, wings to the imagination, flight to the mind, a charm to sadness, and life, to everything.”
- Plato


Nourish The Art & Artist

Your contributions bring the body of work to fruition

In these tumultuous times of transition on the planet and within ourselves, we need Art to act as the fulcrum for social and individual change. We need Art to inspire, uplift, activate and heal one another, so that we as the Human Race can come together to restore balance to the Earth, our beautiful home.

Music, as the universal language, is the one supremely loving, purifying and unifying force that can melt away all resentment, fear, or separation that keeps us from joining together as an optimally healthy and functioning human family here on planet Earth. It is Virago’s mission to sing on behalf of Mother Earth and all the pure beings who walk upon her, to serve as a call to peace within ourselves and the world at large, so that we may grow and build a better future for our children, for ourselves, and for our Mother Earth.

Your contributions bring the body of work to fruition.