The Artist

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
- Anais Nin

The Artist

About The Artist:

Virago is a spiritual warrior woman, singer-songwriter, storyteller, poet, drummer, surfer, shaman, and lover of Mother Earth. A “renaissance performance artist” inspired by mysticism and metaphysical themes in combination with a deep-rooted love of rock-and-roll, folk, psychedelia, and music as a whole. Virago documents the evolution of consciousness, her own as well as the collective, through the universal languages of love and music. In Virago’s world, Life and Art are not mutually exclusive; they are complementary, and flow one into the other. Her art and music is a reflection of her own deep direct experience, and a loving prayer of gratitude for the miracle of Life. Her simple yet compelling philosophy of “the power of one”; one woman, one guitar, one voice, pays homage and gives a fresh approach to the lost art of the solo artist as a dynamic vehicle for positive change in the world. Her powerful stage presence, resonant voice, engaging energy, profound lyricism, and compassionate love for the world and all beings make for an authentic and moving performance for listeners of all walks of life.

Virago is a spiritual warrior woman

On ART and ARTIST, question prompts...

What is your definition of an Artist?

An ARTIST is a being who possesses reverence for Life, and who creates with that reverence at the heart of every thought, feeling, and action.

What is your WHY as an Artist?

Creation for creations sake. I wish to honor my life with reverence and magic. My WHY is not only my highest healing, highest evolution, and highest expression, it is also my desire to communicate divine love to another, and to have it be received and transmitted back to me. My WHY is COMMUNION. My Why is personal freedom, for that freedom leads to the liberation of all beings. What matters to me is changing the world through Art, expressing my vocation in perfect alignment with my own happiness and well-being.

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