“A culture at war with Nature, but Nature will reign, a planet in flames, but soon come the rain..”
- from Earthwalk, by Virago


"Earthwalk": The New Earth Album

Release date: TBA

“Earthwalk”, by Virago, is a soulful psych-folk-rock concept album comprised of thirteen original songs of varying sonic, lyrical, and emotional ranges. It is a symphonic love letter to Mother Earth, and a personal and universal heroine’s journey of Shamanic Rock & Roll.

The album is directly inspired by and in service to the Hopi and other indigenous prophecies that promise the healing and restoration of Mother Earth and the transition into the new utopian consciousness of humanity.

The album stands in Truth as a sonic embodiment of the collective cultural and spiritual paradigm of peace that is now taking birth on the planet…

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Burn the Stake

“Let every step you take upon the Earth be as a prayer.”  – Black Elk

“Holy Mountain”, appearing on the upcoming album, “Earthwalk”, by Virago

Desert Dust is a live love letter to Mother Earth.

“When the earth is ravaged, and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come upon the earth; one of many colors, creeds, and classes, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the Earth green again. They shall be known as the warriors of the rainbow.”

-Hopi Prophecy 

“Desert Dust”, appearing on the upcoming album, “Earthwalk”, by Virago

“Reverent Resurrection” is a “shamanic musical short film” by Virago, a real-life, modern-day renaissance warrior woman who reawakens into her present life-emobodiment in order to step into her fullest power as Woman; creatively, sexually, and spiritually. The vision of the piece is to honor the Divine Feminine in a powerful and moving revival of the female voice that is fierce, gentle, loving, poetic, and passionate. In this piece, esoteric themes and ancient prophecies are embodied and transmitted by the voice and presence of Virago as she speaks, performs, and sings as a devoted representative and conduit of the Divine Feminine energy that is so needed in the world today. She plays no role other than the role of her True Self, merging life and art in divine union through the immortal medium of film.

The film features the orginal song “The Last War Dance”, appearing on the upcoming album, “Earthwalk”, by Virago